Saturday, 6 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Version 2 Script - Ashen Bloom & Graph

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with an update which was meant to be up yesterday but suffice to say I had power issues lights kept going on and off with our power so I didn't want to chance getting cut out mid way. Anyway this week there has been a little bit of soul searching but not as much as I thought. We have the basic story down and I have placed a name on it which I think really works.

I have yet to run it by the girls but it has significant underpinnings which I really think work with our particular story... I haven't put it together based on nothing. Anyway after speaking with Alan on Thursday I decided to revisit the Script one last time and add some of the girls changes in also. I then got to asking myself about the trajectory of the story which Alan explained to us through a Grid... well I made one (see below)...

For those of you that cannot see the words on the image I projected the following transition throughout our entire sequence...
1. Nature/Flower Enters (Bliss)
2. Objects Shift/Disappear
3. Colour/Hue Adjust Sun/Env
4. Voice & SFX Switch Muffled (Confusion)
5. Drops Object Scared Closes Eyes (Fear)
6. Backdrop Transition Black - #2 (Switch)
7. Charles Sits In Real Scene With Objects Changed (Sadness)
8. Tear To Returning Wish Blow to Wish Exit & Disappear (Hope)
The script itself is sitting below here well the version 2.0 of it is anyway. I'm hoping that this is the final draft of the script but we will have to see. Well I had better get on with other things but I hope this script is more along the lines of what everyone was thinking at the meet yesterday.
I figure any other issues with the camera work etc of the script will be something we decide when we have the scene fully functional. Its kind of difficult to imagine every single second of this animation and how it will work that's why this Script or Script Final is to be considered a blue print to keep us on track nothing more... Not a definitive work.
Take it easy people!
Ashen Bloom Script V2

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  1. Hi All

    Some good progress here. I think you should draw this out now as a storyboard. In this case it will be a story board of change.