Saturday, 20 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Character Sketches - Charles Stage 1

Hey Everyone,

I kept meaning to post this up I just never got round to it but its better late then never. I actually knocked these sketches up the very first week of the Unit 7 brief. I never found the time to post but never the less I have them here now and they helped communicate my initial vision of what will become our fully realised animated star "Charles".

The images above show my initial thought and as things gradually moved forward the features began changing, moving from real to caricature. I like seeing this development in anything really makes me think where it began all the way back with page 1 idea a. Just quick throw away sketches, but even now there has been further creative influence from my partners Anita and Lydia :)

There has been soul searching within this brief and obviously lots of hits and misses when trying to fine tune an idea. We began with just an idea and then a discussion over adapting environments got our talks wandering further and further, since then its more or less been a back and forth between me and them and then a mini talk with our client (Alan) to discuss further details.

Having seen there vision I'm glad we are at a place where we can look back and see the journey already and only after 4 weeks. Lastly the image above here (Last Sketch) is something I drew in the train at the end of week 2. The eyes and weak chin were my key factors there was just something totally innocent about it.

I've never really drawn kid characters so it was nice to have a play with a few ideas even if it was brief. I will still be considering a couple of minor concepts which I will probably drive from sketches. I just don't like the line tools in Photoshop.

Anyway that concludes my little post on this matter, Anita has gotten our final turn arounds busted out so next week I should be in a place to begin the rigorous modelling process. which shouldn't take me much more then a week I wouldn't have thought.

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