Monday, 1 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Max Payne Transition & Narrative Step Rundown V1

Hello All,

I have been working on getting this post sorted as there are a few things that have been on my mind specifically circling our primary idea (or what has now become our primary idea). Originally I was worried for the contrast but I have seen a rather good example of transition done right.

Now before you judge the style choices of Max Payne I only ask that you do not look at this video for style. We are looking for smooth transitions from one digital setting to another (as our child drifts out of his fantasy and back into reality).

The video I have included for Max Payne does a flawless job of transitioning between settings complementing each change of scenery with an action that folds between the two (i.e. my personal favourite when he kneels to lay roses on a grave and then rises pulling a picture from the carpeted floor in his hotel room. Please ladies if you haven't seen this video please watch it because I think its a very good way to go.

With that being said lets get down to the other reason why you are looking at this post. I have created an initial draft of the narrative steps to developing our final story idea. This was the document provided by Alan I think of it as a Step Rundown document. I have answered a few of the questions but some are still to be discussed hence why it is Version 1.0. I will get working on V1.0 of the script tomorrow also.

Please give me your opinions.
Narrative Step Rundown Draft V1
Initial drafts will be knocked up by myself and given to my partners in crime Lydia and Anita for them to adjust to their will or discuss with me if there are any complete redo complications. I'm just happy to be circling around a final idea, we can finally get cracking. Well lets hope tomorrow is as eventful!

Take it easy people!

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