Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Shape Tests - Transition

Hello Everyone,

I spent all of Friday messing around with these transition tests just to find a way for them to work subtly on screen. There are probably more then this but to be honest I couldn't find any by searching terms "Object Merge" - etc. The one thing that was called up often was Blend Shape, it being suggested by Alan earlier in the week was the clincher so I decided to give it a punt... of course its not without its own problems.

I began testing briefly a few weeks earlier trying some post magic with object transition between a tea pot and a train. These were static 2D images that were to merge into each other. It was effective but again I couldn't see it working in 3D space without deforming or being inexplicably obvious. After this I put the attempt on stand still for a few weeks just thinking object switching would be the ideal way to go (i.e. an object is there, it leaves the shot when we see it again its something else.

Next came the post CC image test again done in AE much like the Image Wipe above. This just simply has a transition from one scene to another. Again not overly complicated but again I thought it was something I would notice. I mean an object being there and then it disappears only to reappear without a cut I would have thought it to be obvious unless delayed for a long duration so it subtly vanishes into nothingness...

Next the post Card wipe, I wasn't expecting much from this especially after the CC image which didn't exactly impress me much. However, I thought this looked pretty cool as you can adjust it to move parts at specific times. I may have been more impressed with the effect then its actual use in our short but never the less it could kind of work I guess... Still I think the blend shape option will probably be the best avenue for our transitions.

 Next CC Light wipe, to put it simply no way... too bright and just blatantly obvious the reason I put it up on here is it could work for the wish flower particularly. If we wanted to make it disappear or something... again just a suggestion but I thought I would post this up just to show I had looked into it. The majority of transitions in AE are simplistic if you want the more complicated ones you have to pay, and to be honest I tried demoing some and couldn't work them out... no tutorials.

Last but not least the Blend shape... the method Alan suggested to us and apparently there is something deep down that allows transition with materials meaning we can convert textures with this. Of course that is being dealt with by Lydia I did this test purely for my piece of mind. I will take this opportunity to mention something weird is going on with youtube and it has loaded about half of the video I made. This flat shape actually converted to 3 different shapes not 2 but never the less... I will also say the draw back with this blend shape method is the models need to have the same number of points and be converted into something else... so BEAR THAT IN MIND!

Well that concludes this little post, I kept this to basics using primitives I think working the transition in Production is the key lesson I have learnt here. Post production I just don't feel will do it subtle enough... in AE its all or nothing we couldn't do partials or serious delays. At least in Maya we can move objects around and alter them behind Charles when we move from point A to point B or impose a cut.

Take it easy people!

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