Monday, 22 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Character Concept - Charles Stage 2

Hello Everyone!

Coming in with a new update today although it has been 2 days in the making. Yesturday I got cracking with a sketch which ended up becomming a rather detailed sketch, then today I ended up bringing it into Flash to do a rather nice fluid bit of line work. From there I layed the sketch which the line and added my own shades and distinctive patterning to his clothes in particular.

The grease was created with a variety of grunge brushes from a pack that I have been adding to for the best part of 2 years... There are quite a few of them... Lol!

Anyway the 3 individual passes are above just to show the development I suppose. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the concept hence why I consider this a stage 2 piece. I will probably knock up a couple more before this Unit is over just to keep our concept art constantly guessing.

This is not reflective of our final character design it is just a piece of concept art to put across further development of the conceptual idea of Charles. Next I may consider changing the art style somewhat to do something kind of experiemental... keep your eyes peeled for that haha.

What kind of makes this lovely for us is we have 2 environments as opposed to 2 characters so It really allows me to fine tweak this little dood instead of jumping between a couple of characters.

Anyway I think thats me for now, at the very least they add to our concept folder and allow me to have a little more fun with some poses :)

Catcha Ladle!

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