Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Ashen Bloom Animatic

Hello Everyone,

Another update just waiting on the video to upload on my very slow connection and we are talking HD aspect ratio (1080P) for this video not that it matters much... Oh well. Anyway I thought I would get this typed up before hand so I could just copy the link in when I wake up and away we go something which I will probably do... so tired.

I have incorporated the time lapse on the side of the video just for my own reference but I kinda like it so I kept it on there in the end. The video runs for exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds and I think it runs pretty well the transitions are quite nice in this video. I rolled certain cuts into cross fades as to not break the action a number of them will probably best be without cuts in future just seamless camera movement (as Alan told us).

I count roughly 10-12 direct cuts over the 30 panel animatic but again that will be a discussion we can have when it is on the pre-viz stage.

Well that's me... the video is still uploading so I will leave it doing that not far from 50% but I need to push up some of those Zs that everyone is telling me about. Hope everyone is sleeping well out there I will be joining you imminently.

By the way I'd just like to point out that the sound at this point is up in the air but I think it paints the picture accurately and even works to some degree.

Over & Out

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