Saturday, 27 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Character Design Development

After receiving feedback of my previous concept of Charles, I started working on making him look younger, in particular, working on his face shape. Silhouette 1 is the original face shape and the other three are the changes.

Having decided to work further on image 2, I then began working on eye shapes to see which would be most appropriate for the character. During a group meeting, we all agreed that image 2 or 6 stood out.

The next stage was to put these various elements together. Using the silhouette and the sixth set of eyes from above, I began to create the concept below. The first image is the early stages of the painting. Both the second and third are variations of the completed version however, the eyes are slightly different in both. In addition, I've added a texture on top of the painting, as we plan to add a similar effect over the final animation.

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