Friday, 12 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Character Sketches

Here is my progress on the character sketches. I struggled getting into the flow of character design however, I feel as though the sketches have improved. The last face on the left is the one that we have decided to develop as he has potential to be a happy and sad character that the audience can empathise towards.

While working on the face, I drew four costume ideas. The group preferred the third costume however, this may be changed. I then took the preferred face and outfit and put the two together, finally adding colour.

This is not the final character as I still need to refine his features. Photoshop Phill suggested changing the eyes and moving the features around. He also emphasised the point of using silhouettes to improve the face and figure. The next stage will be to refine the current design to give the boy more character.

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