Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Branding - Logo Creation

After our first group meeting I was delegated the task of creating the logo, below is the process, involving the final logo that we chose to follow through with created by Stitch.

Initial Logo Designs

My idea behind the logos was to keep it sharp and simple as the most memorable studios are defined by a bold, simplistic logo. However, after group discussion feedback suggested they were too simplistic border lining the edge of boring. Meanwhile, Stitch was delegated designing the blog layout and came up with the following.

Stitch's Logo

The group did agree this logo was a more suitable logo, but as I was delagted the role we decided I would try and combine both our visions, below is the process of creating the 'middle ground' logo.


After discussing as a group we still felt like something wasn't bold enough to convey as a logo, hence my final design is as followed.

My Final Design

In the end the group deliberated to continue with Stitch's design due to time reasons and the fact the blog colour scheme would have to be changed. I felt it was important to show the process as I did put a fair amount of effort into the original designs.

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