Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Revised 3D Profiles for Model

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would post this up, probably not needed but I will do it anyway because its a development step for our 3D Model. First I would just like to say that Smokestacks own Anita Gill knocked up this profile and its awesome. There were some slight revisions with alignment mainly on the side profile but I think now this is as accurate as I need for the model.

I did this mainly for my own piece of mind but it probably wouldn't be an issue how it was originally I just wanted the front and the side to match close as possible. I just added the lines on this draft so everyone can see that the profiles match where required. The key areas for me being the high divide of the chest the floor, the head and of course the groin.

This was one of my tasks for the weekend, the model was also one of them but sadly that was delayed due to other things. My entire Friday night consisted of trying to find the best way to transition into another scene. Something which I am now somewhat planned for but yeah it took its toll on my plan of Action... Then again things never work out... I always find the end is a bit of a rush lol.
There was also a slight issue with the arm but to be honest I think I'm just being overly fussy here as long as I can pull a half decent set of base hands from this everything should be fine. With any luck work flow this week should be pretty good as we gradually fall into Week 6.
Well that's this post concluded, again not really needed but in an attempt to be though rough I posted it on here never the less. I only corrected slight elements, this profile is one of the Triumphs of Anita :) Gotta love it!!
Okay, Ill catcha later...

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