Saturday, 27 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Charles' Development/ Final Turnarounds

Needing to make the character of Charles look younger, I quickly sketched the chosen head shape with slight variations of body shapes. The sketches are rough however, the purpose of the exercise was to put my ideas on paper. I then picked elements and sketched a number of ideas on Photoshop including eye designs.

Next, I took the third sketch and adjusted his body, adding colour and detail into the drawing. Below is a breakdown of each design:

1 - A different nose shape - more upturned however, this is often associated with higher classes. The face also looks too sharp/defined for a young boy. Considering eyelids.
2 - Softer face shape and comparing different eye colours.
3 - Even rounder face shape - makes his face look too chubby
4 - Adjusting face shape, changing eyes and removing eyelids
5 - Chosen character - Eyelids re-added and shape of face a little more defined

Final Turnarounds:
These are the final turnarounds for Stitch to start modelling the character. Technical adjustments may need to be made for the modelling process which I leave Stitch to make while working in Maya.

And finally, I have added colour versions of the character to show the colour scheme that will be used for his clothing, skin, hair etc.

Charles - Garden Colour Scheme and Outfit

Charles - Factory Colour Scheme and Outfit

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