Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Ashen Bloom Storyboards - Draft to Final

Hello Everyone,

Thought I would get this up before I post the animatic which I will be cracking on with shortly. I figured it would be best to produce in a separate post and I wanted to elaborate a little on my process for this storyboard (a few new processes I don't usually do).

Everyone is aware of my time management process (something which can be a gift and a curse - it can create a snowball effect), I have incorporated this process into my storyboarding process something which I will be bringing in on Thursday to hopefully get the final go ahead from Alan.
Original Rough Draft

The image above shows my draft storyboard which I stuck to a mobile white board that I have with blue tack, sadly this one is not magnetic. Anyway I then laid out the basic story in a way that I thought it could work, this is where I added and subtracted un-needed elements. I still don't consider this to be final as there are still little issues to iron out and cuts to be considered but I think its a good manifestation of my vision for this project.

Basic Colour Pass

Next came a very basic Colour pass (shown above) which I do to punch out objects and identify some basic light sources. Everything has light and funnily enough everything usually boils down to red blue and yellow. Yellow being your background or above ground, red being your mid ground and blue being your foreground. Its basic colour hues but this really helped when Identifying the depth of each shot.
Final Basic Storyboard
After a few days of doing some rough painting over the top of my sketches I managed to produce the results above. They are not the best but they will do the job and convey the rough image in my head which was something I have wrestled with in the past. You can see a good correlation between the two scenes with the colour alone, there is a good transition between colour here. I'm quite happy with the layout here too and I found a decent font to project the tasks name "Ashen Bloom".

Printed Slides (Final Storyboard)

The images above are the final version printed on some nice photo paper, eventually broken into slides and placed out side by side. I did this because I wanted to see it and be able to show my creative partners the coloured projection. This will also allow us ease when cutting parts out or deciding against some decisions or breaking it down even more then it is now. It just allows us that freedom and I think that's important at this stage.

Final Draft (Laid Out)

Last but not least is the board itself now at its final stage (shown above), the images are not perfect but its a storyboard they are not meant to be. I just wanted to get this to a stage where we can finalise its direction and get this going with some real momentum. I wanted to get this step underway and now that its done I'm glad I took it to the level that I have. Its actually nice to see what I projected in my mind for a change... Usually I find this very difficult.
Well Now, that this post is complete I will be working the rest of the late evening on the animatic which I'm sure wont take too long. Kind of excited, it will be nice to see how it rolls together with some basic sound and movement.
Hope everyone enjoyed today a little gutted I wasn't there at least I got something productive done with the last few days :)
Wish me luck!
Over & Out, (take that phil :P)

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