Saturday, 13 October 2012

Environment Thumbnail Sketches : Garden

In our final narrative we have two definitive locations – the countryside house garden view and the steel mill factory. I’ve been delegated the task of designing both. Through much group discussion, I have a clear idea in mind of how the first location (garden) is going to look, hence below are several thumbnails portraying my current thought process. I still need to draw a definitive house design, but the element of spacing and content within the garden is pretty much there. The thumbnails are very rough so in my next collection I hope to define my thoughts further. Thinking into house style and materials/textures Castle Combe came to mind, this will be taken into account in the final concept. In style terms we are planning to add a crosshatch texture onto both character and environment to add more ‘grit’ to it, as well as signify a unique style.


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