Friday, 21 December 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Time Management Deadline Complete

Hello Everyone,

Well here it is the last post before the curtain call leaving the cast time to take a bow before going home and resting before swallowing down a turkey... each. There are no jobs remaining except our own individual ones obviously. There is only the road leading forward taking us into future briefs and the undying unknown. This blog is a reference to success and I will tell anyone who asks me about it the same. We overcame a lot to get here and even though some of us (me) still remain a little lost it has somewhat temporarily closed that door that says "your not worth a damn".

Alan and Phil clearly hit the nail on the head when they referred to our years group work by saying that a few weeks back it was just words on a brief telling us what to do. Now it is something that is beyond that brief, the creation extends beyond its creators. Its come to life in a sense and can now move and emote and pose. It is a world beyond ours and a complete creation of imagination and passion. I will take this moment to thank my group partners Anita & Lydia - good job ladies, it wouldn't have been possible without your dedication... now look at it!!!

Anyway, lets get down to it!! *Wipes a tear from his eye*

There is the task board, checked off and altered slightly to add in the additional 2 week bleed (different from the usual 5 week deadline that I'm used to). The briefs are hung from it along with the time table for the deadlines. Who'd have thought we'd be here already it feels like we only just got back to University and already we are approaching Christmas. It won't be long before were back out for summer break chilling out a little before the final push of Year 3. I say again where the hell did all of the time go?? Haha, Phil tells us as much every single day.

This is me celebrating the only way I know how, to remove all of the ink from the board and revert the board to its pristine state. It was quite a pig to clean I don't mind saying that ink can be pretty stubborn when you leave it on there for a few months. Still I haven't forgotten that there is other work due in when we return I will be dealing with this on my personal blog ( I also have a little gift to give the masses before Christmas - a statement from the REAL "Charles". You may have to adjust your mind-set though the real Charles is not human :) I GIVE YOU THE STAR OF ASHEN BLOOM - CHARLIE!!!

The persona may have been based on Orphan Children and dreamers but the initial idea and basis for the name was from my little woofer Charlie Chocolate. Yes he is little and yes he does wish you a Merry Christmas but it will probably be in the form of a bark. I just thought words from him would wrap this post up better then an entire ream of banter from me. Of course it was after I assigned the name "Charles" to our little boy when I found out it meant "Free Man" which also kind of made the name ideal for the Character... to top it off Lydia and Anita loved it lol...

Well that concludes this post!!
We have said our goodbyes over facebook -----------------------------------------

"Hey Guys!!! Just wanted to say a massive thank-you for putting up with me for the past 12 weeks!! And I've honestly loved working together :) Merry Christmas!!! Hope you enjoy the break ... even with another project and maya tutorials to do!! :D"
"Likewise Lydia! Its been an honour, 1 post to do and then Im closing the final deadline... Weird. Anyway books are ordered, rapid prototypes ordered... See you by the wayside!!"

"Same! Very happy I got to work with you guys And we dont hate each other at the end of it!! Have a lovely Christmas."

Have a good Christmas everyone and I will probably see you back in my personal domain back at the 37 Stitch. Stay cool Smoke Stack you did us proud!

Over & Out,

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