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Unit 7: Narrative - Merchandise - T- Shirt

Hello Everyone!!

I have one post to make after this one and then that's the end for posts on this blog. Gonna miss this little haven but alas I have to return to my neglected personal blog to give it some tender loving care as well as get cracking on other work. I have bid my farewell to my team mates via our personal little facebook group and we have all enjoyed working together separating on good terms so that's what the most important thing is here. While we had some last minute flaws (as we knew we would) I still think we managed to turn it around and get something to show our hard work.

To those of you that do not know, on the last day of most of our animation briefs I usually create a T-Shirt to celebrate the successful completion of the unit. So last week when we handed in our final deadline for Ashen Bloom I had a T shirt in wait collecting dust for the special day. I did the same thing for Agebook (our Unit 6 brief) and on occasion I get it out to have a little trip down memory lane. Anyway this post is about the T-Shirt fundamentally, I didn't do a post regarding the Agebook T-Shirt for Unit 6 but I think this case warrants a little mention.

Anyway lets get to the Epic - Smoke Stack Ashen Bloom Shirt!!

For those of you that don't know the T shirt design was mostly comprised of the Jacket Design I built on Charles. From this I created a customised UV template which I exported from Maya and mapped the UV over the top of a T - Shirt on the spreadshirt editor. I faded the edges but mostly the Gag here was to say that the person wearing it was not real they are but a 3D model. On the back I put a picture of Charles identifying him as "real" even though he is not. You guys get the picture here I don't like trying to be the guy to explain a joke lol.

Figure 1 (above) shows the finished article, it wasn't quite how I wanted it as I wanted to drape the entire front of the UV jacket over the chest and sleeves of the shirt. The editor would not let me expand from the chest area so I had to fade it out. The squares of the jacket are basically the jacket in the first image of this post. I planar mapped the front so I could have the front flat and then I cut the back side of the jacket away and moved it to one side so I could have a clean front map on its own. It looked much cleaner this way, I used photoshop to expand the width of the UV grid.

Figure 2 (above) shows the back of the T shirt, I'm a little gutted I hadn't finished rigging at this stage because I would have preferred to have him in a pose for the back of the shirt. I also hadn't noticed till later but the printing of the darker colours had caused the prints to come out a little murky probably best in the future if I keep it to something brighter. Still I think the T - Shirt does the required job I almost cannot wait to see the books printed so we have something a little more final to hold in our hands... Just a few weeks away..... we have to wait :P

Figure 3 (above) is yours truly modelling the little beast as I said it still looks pretty cool even though it is not covering the entire torso as I would have preferred like a real jacket. It still looks pretty awesome and more importantly I know what it means and the model it represents, again this is just my personal need to have something physical at the end of a project. I don't like my ideas to end on the screen or on a sheet of paper, its nice to have something physical that you get to take with you that its the product of your idea, it just screams that the idea is bigger then the computer... I love that.

I'm a little sad that our journey has come to an end here and considering where we started its made me wonder how we got to the end. We had a roller coaster but it seems to have produced more results then I have produced in a project before and I am glad. We are not constrained by the idea, the idea transcends the limitations of the computer, we can hold Charles or wear a T - Shirt or read a book illustrating our journey. If you ask me that's what every project should be about, we should be doing everything we can to get our things from the digital into the real...

Well I wont waffle any longer I have another post to make which will have a heart felt goodbye to the Smoke Stack Journey. I will look back over this blog when I feel shit just to tell myself that it is possible... YOU CAN DO THIS. I'm sure it will help.

Catcha Later People!

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