Monday, 31 December 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Ashen Bloom The Book!

Hello Everyone,

I'm back and once again posting on our old Smoke Stack Blog, I know I said I wouldn't but I couldn't resist on posting about our books finally arriving at my door (and a week early at that). I wasn't sure what they would come out like mostly worried that something would get clipped out of the prints frame or that some undetermined bleed factor would cut away important content. Never the less they are here and everything is accountable with one rather annoying little exception. They are darker then I thought they would be...

It's not a big problem for the brighter images in fact it makes the book look more authentic and older but some of the factory images are blotted out because of their darkness factor. Rather annoying but I guess it wasn't going to be perfectly perfect. Never the less they still look cool and are well worth the £20.00 asking price, its still an awesome thing to have in the portfolio (with future others :)

Everything has been printed professionally and I especially love the hardcover its really awesome, I thought the internal white pages would irritate me but surprisingly they are okay not bright white, a little darker which kind of works with the book. I was a little annoyed that I couldn't rotate the rear blurb logo so that it was in landscape that's another minor problem they really need to consider a land scape option not everyone prints in portrait! I wasn't sure if the pages would print the right way but I guess I managed to fix the bugs present.

There are 4 copies of the book (Books Yes Books image) one for each of my partners and me one for the Uni to throw in amongst the other talent on our course. Its really quite a handy little book I think we probably have one of the smallest books but its cool because its mini, much more handy then carrying around a massive bible. I will probably go on our private facebook in a bit and inform my old team that the awesome books have arrived and to check out this post so they can have a tiny sneak peak before I bring them all in next week.

The inside of the book is pretty crisp and clear as I said aside from the more darker images it contains which is a bit of a shame considering how awesome everything else is. Don't let me put it down though its not as bad as I'm sure its sounding coming from me... Those that know me know I am a glass half empty kind of person. All of the book is still awesome and I think its pretty well done when you consider how unknown this was for me trying to use a portrait blurb template to create a landscape print... Something I don't encourage for those looking to do this in the future.

Last but not least I will say the books most greatest feature is that it has legs (no not actual legs but it can stand haha). Don't worry I didn't make it walk across the carpet or anything quite as crazy as that but it was just a nice thing to note at the time when I was trying to figure out the best shots to take with my camera. Anyway I'm hoping my partners in crime Lydia and Anita get a kick out of them and if anything I hope they will look back at this little book from time to time to remember the Bloom project, I certainly will when I'm showing this as a portfolio piece or something haha.

Well I think that really does do it now, I wasn't going to do a further post past the deadline complete one but I think this one was the exception that proves the rule. After all this book is post Ashen Bloom and is just a final statement of all our hard work. Anyway I think I'm done waffling and now I really have covered absolutely everything (I have Photoshop Phil lol).

Take it easy people, look forward to seeing you guys in the new year wherever you may be or if you are like me and are working through it haha good luck!!

Over & Out,