Friday, 7 December 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Ashen Bloom Final Viz Mk2

Hello All,

Got another small update which I had made last week just couldn't find the time to post about it. Basically from further discussion with Alan from last weeks tutorials we were advised to consider the timing of our animated feature "Ashen Bloom". Our short more or less went 30 seconds over our briefed 1 minute 30 and it was decided that it was due to timing and our lack of ANY cuts. Alan advised us to revise our pre-viz where I did a complete alteration in premiere saving myself the time of revisiting Maya scenes. I added a couple of cuts and sped up certain elements eventually trimming off the 30 second overspill (with the exception of 2 seconds - sorry Alan).

This run now makes our pre-viz 92 seconds in length which is the equivalent of 2208 frames, divided by the 3 of us we each have 736 frames to render. The Mk2 viz has helped us isolate the time constraint and prioritise our remaining goals. With any luck this video will be one of the final chapters in the Ashen Bloom diary, I think we are all a little beat here. This version is greatly reduced but it still has the required effect even if I lose the switches of some of my beautifully placed "Misdirection".

I have a few posts to make regarding our character rig as of yet but I will get to those tonight - I may even do a small animation of him doing something silly (who knows). I have also been informed that we are rendering using render layers in Maya but that will probably be the job of the ladies... I have never actually used layers to render an actual animation I'm going to have to get the scoop from them. Tonight I will be going home to render my 30 second segment of our animation. Next week is the dreaded art of document but I'm in my comfort zone there..

Anyway I am posting this up mainly so the girls have the final reference for their scene sections, I have to say I'm a little excited cannot wait to see how this looks when everything is moving about.

Take it easy everyone, I wish you luck for today (or tomorrow). My scene will be in the drop box waiting your skills to render it :)

Over & Out,

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