Thursday, 29 November 2012

Environment UV Mapping and Texturing Progression

So here's what I've neglected to post for the last week, very stressful and taxing, but hopefully rewarding now. I’ve fully UV mapped and textured the 3D model of the environment, including paint effects. The props are also UV mapped and textured. The textures are soft and paintly to add to the atmosphere, quite a large number are hand painted. I tended to use real material images for the bump map to give it a contrast between art and real life. Below are the results. The lighting scene within the imagery is basic and is just used to give a soft atmosphere.

All texture Colour Maps and Bump Maps
UV Mapped scene with Paint Effect trees
UV Mapped tiles and Washing Line - using NCloth for items on the line
Texture Progression

Base house textures and wooden beams
Tiles Texture Test
Grass Texture - Bump Map testing

Charles's Toys UV Mapped

Final Textures - Colour and Bump Maps
All Props (left) and Alphabet Blocks (right)

Alphabet Blocks
Jack In the Box (left) and Spinning Top (right)

Train Final Render


  1. Such 'edible' textures :D Meaning beautiful

  2. Hey Lydia - lovely to see these - very soft and sensitive - well done :D