Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Charles 3D Model Initial - Final Development

Hello Everyone,

I've been cracking away all weekend on our 3D Model for Narrative, in our case the character is Charles our sad little orphan boy. This was originally going to be lots of little posts but then I thought I would save myself a little time by posting them all at once. For this post you will see a number of things ending in the final representation of the 3D model.

I took quite a while constructing some of these elements (mainly because most of it for me has been trial and error). I created a number of time lapse videos (shown below) of me creating certain elements of the Charles mesh. In some cases I forgot to bother recording or stopped mid way because I was worried that the video would just consist of many mistakes that I made during its development. For these you will have to bear with me.

I have broken the components apart into separate videos, please have a gander if you are interested, of course If not I wont be offended. You may wish to watch a little and fast forward as I said these videos are quite long, I don't want you to get bored. I will also mention that most of the videos don't finish on the final rendition so don't be shocked if you see more development in between.

I don't think I recorded the shorts and legs because I made those at University as well as some of the other little tweaks. I prefer to call these videos just development and experimentation they will demonstrate some of the methods I used throughout. Of course If I recorded everything I'd have a video so long no Youtube video host would have the capacity to play it lol.

I created a turn around showing various elements of the finished Charles model. This was a last minute decision which ended up becoming something I was actually quite proud of. I love how the video flows into its various passes I may have to do this for all of my future models it just looks great when you are looking back after a rigorous modelling session. I'm especially proud of the poly count that I achieved with this mesh, its actually lower then I thought it would be...

The videos showing some of my progression throughout Charles development are below... I would just like to note that they do not show EVERYTHING so mostly you will see it end before reaching its final manifestation.

Developing the head

Developing the Eyes

Developing the Hair

Developing the Jacket

Sorry for the music if you didn't like it, I grabbed some tracks from my premiere scores set that I purchased from videocopilot.com. Do yourselves a favour and check out the site if you haven't already! The videos are time lapsed also, so I hope you don't get a brain freeze from the speed. I was tapping my foot as they were playing through I'm not ashamed to say that I love time lapsed videos.

Well that concludes this little post, I hope viewers have enjoyed my hopeless irritated attempts at creating our final Charles model. It was kind of fun once I figured out how to scratch a certain itch but in some cases it took way longer then I had originally planned. I have just found out today I have to start considering a mouth box next amongst other things... Doh... oh well.

Take it easy people and I hope you enjoyed the show!!

Over & Out,

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