Saturday, 24 November 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Ashen Bloom Final Viz

Hello Everyone,

Well the time is here to post the Final Pre-Viz before our big push next week with the final rendition. Suffice to say this Pre-Viz is the final version and is much more sympathetic to our aim with a nice bit of misdirection thrown in for good measure. I meant to post it yesturday but I was up all night completing it so I needed a little rest before my rigging push. The camera still has some shots which are a little questionable but its got very few cuts meaning we are cruzing with the camera for most of the duration which was to be our aim from the get go...

You may have to bear with us on the crude animation of the props with Charles in this Viz mainly because I copped out a little instead of returning to our earlier connect to joints maya tutorial. All miss-steps will be cleared up in the final render which we will be starting next week. I will be cracking on with the rig today and tomorrow with hopefully a small push monday we will see how it goes... I'm a little nervous but also I cant wait to see Charles move haha...

Anyway without any further ado here is our viz (Pre-viz) - ENJOY!!

Please give us any and all feedback if possible, not that we havnt been getting that from Alan. The key elements which were to change were removing a few of the cuts we had throughout as well as slowing some moments down a little more. Very good advice which I went back and corrected in part 1 before going onto part 2 of the viz initially combining the two above... I have to say I have enjoyed Pre-vizzing this short even though moving the prop became a little tiresome... Still it was quite fun I have to say... I now know how it will work and can see the flaws...
Anyway I will get back to the grind stone and hopefully have a few more things to show in days to come you may just have to bear with me on a few bits.
Catcha later people!

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