Sunday, 30 September 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Visual Research/Imagine FX Magazine

Hello Everyone,

Got another little update it almost slipped my mind. Last week I brought in what I refer to as "the brown box" for my colleagues to have a look at. Basically it contained numerous issues of a magazine that I am subscribed to. "Imagine FX" is a magazine for creative individuals and showcases many talents concept art across the world. Lydia and Anita started going through a few of these magazines.

The girls got through 6 issues of the magazine (shown above) taking roughly a single image from each that summed up their visual ideas. I thought this method would be unique as opposed to just googling concept art, this way we get some influences from an untapped source. Its the same thing that I do in my written research, why limit your resources to the Internet when books are about?

Anyway below is the concept art that they picked for inspiration.

Well that concludes this little update, my personal favourite is the 6th one down comprising mainly of rough gesture strokes with a pen tablet brush. Once again elaborating on the painterly feel I'd personally love to see in our concept art. I will look into this style more tomorrow for when I get cracking on our character art.

To the girls I'd just like to say sorry that these were not put up sooner but at least they are there now. Please let me know if you would like to see any more of the magazines I have at mine same deal for books... :)

Well catcha later people!


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