Sunday, 30 September 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Rough Ideas for Narrative

  • Idea #1

Synopsis: A child is sitting in the back garden of his house gazing into the sunset with a warm smile on his face. The child turns hearing his mother call him, he opens his eyes and his world comes crashing down before him becoming the cruel reality that is his life.

  • Idea #2
Synopsis: A moth breaks from its cocoon and lands on a tree a polluted gust of wind coats the tree turning it black degrading its bark. The moth is then injured by a passing black bird. A second cocoon can be seen on the degraded tree when it hatches it produces a black moth that blends seamlessly with the bark on the tree.

  • Idea #3
Synopsis: A factory worker is put on the spot when he insists that he can do a better job at weaving cloth then the factory's new deluxe machine. In an attempt to save his job the man attempts to sabotage the machines wire which only makes it work faster.

  • Idea  #4
Synopsis: The farmers wife awakes from her slumber moaning and groaning, she knows that she has to do a huge list of things to make her tribute cheese for the next morning. In an act of rebellion she decides to mutilate her recipe and destroy the reputation of her cheese so she no longer has to make it. The only thing that she succeeds in doing is making it more addictive.

  • Idea #5
Synopsis: A young child sneaks into his father's Iron Forge when his father steps away for lunch. The clumsy kid makes a mess of his father's work and quickly tries to create another. Doomed to fail the kid runs away, the father re-enters the scene and chuckles before placing an exact replica of the glass sculpture his son accidentally broke.

  • Idea #6
Synopsis: A man sits on the street with his head in his hands lost to the world, with flashbacks of him and a woman cutting in intermittently. The man climbs to his feet and glances at a tower billowing smoke in the distance. The man walks into his house, hangs his coat and sits down next to the bed side of his wife. The man leans over and kisses her on the forehead before covering her face with the blanket and bursting into tears.

  • Idea #7
Synopsis: A man is pioneering a steam based heating device for boiling water only he cannot quite crack the design. The steam evaporates the water before he can pour himself some. Eventually the man adds a protruding cylinder allowing the heat to escape. This ends up becoming a bizarre looking kettle.

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