Friday, 28 September 2012

Unit 7: Narrative - Story/Style Ideas

Despite there being many positives during The Industrial Revolution, there were also a number of negatives which stand out for story ideas. During group discussions, we were pretty certain that we wanted a child to be the focus of the animation. One thought was that the secondary character could be a dog therefore, one of my story ideas was to show the relationship between the boy and dog, with the story ending in tragedy e.g. the death of the dog or boy. This could be due to the work or a disease which was common during that era. A child used in such a scenario would heighten the emotion stirred in the viewer. However, we came to the conclusion that such a story in which a relationship has to be built would not be best in a short animation.
In the meantime I was also researching style ideas, particularly drawn to work by Sam Bosma (work on previous post), giving me the idea of a pop up style animation using muted colours and stylised imagery influenced by the artist mentioned. However, while this is a possibility, further ideas seemed as though they would work better as a full 3D animation.
After a tutorial with our tutor, Alan, we realised one thing, that all the group members were touching on the idea of freedom vs. entrapment. Discussion then became focused on the idea of depicting a young boy's imagination throughout the animation. The audience believe that the boy is in a happy, peaceful environment, discovering towards the end that he is in fact working in an industrial factory His wild imagination saving him from the horrid truth. All agreed on a story idea, the script writing begins, as well as research into what the style of the animation will be.

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